The best hot curvy women around the world

The best hot curvy women around the world

Appetizing curvy ladies are the most beautiful! Back then we admired only skinny girls that led to such problems as anorexia and eating disorders. Doctors from many countries were really worried about this popularity. Anorexia decreased even the birth rate. It’s understandable because it’s hard for a skinny woman to bear a healthy child.

Tips on How To Flirt With A Girl

Ways to Flirt with a Girl in 2020: How to Be Extra Friendly

When you feel like you’re sexually and emotionally attracted to someone, you start demonstrating the little signs of attention, showing that you’re willing to be more than just a friend. These are playful gestures, compliments, and thought-provoking conversations. The signs of a flirting person are clearly seen. If you’re an attentive person who has already been through this, you might have noticed that most people demonstrate their sexual and psychological appeal by:

  • Open-palm gestures;
  • Expressive behavior;
  • Touching themselves in the process of conversation;
  • Gazing at you;
  • Playing with clothes.

The number of non-verbal signs is incredible, and, in most cases, people don’t even realize that they start flirting with you. It’s a natural reaction to an appealing person. Slavic women are real pros when it comes to flirting. But what about you? If you’ve already googled for “online dating Ukraine” and crave one of these gorgeous ladies, you’ll have to improve your skills.

 How to Flirt with a Girl? Start with the Eye Contact

Yeah, it’s one of the nerve-wracking moments. Looking at each other in the eyes and constantly sustaining eye contact might seem tricky. Nevertheless, you should understand that it’s no harder than to lead a regular conversation with a friend. Besides, if you feel like the woman is interested in you, she will appreciate your courage and the interest in your eyes.

  • Looking at each other in the eyes is the essential step of flirting. It’s like breaking the ice in the company of strangers. The sooner you’ll learn that looking in the eyes simplifies the communication and adds up emotionality, the better.
  • Let the woman catch you looking at her. It will make her understand you are interested in her but too shy to speak out about it. It’s so cute in the eyes of a woman of any age. Smile to deal with the awkwardness of the moment to look even more adorable.
  • Eyebrows can say more than you might think. Using your eyebrows for the expression of surprise is very emphatic.
  • Looking from under the lashes is appealing. It’s a very enigmatic way of demonstrating that you’re interested in a meaningful conversation.

 More Tips to Flirt with a Girl: Use Your Lips & Mouth

IF you are not ready to start with the eyes, your lips can act as a nice tool for showing that you care. Lips are not solely for smiling and kissing. However, a meaningful smile at the start of a conversation will let your interlocutor understand that you don’t mean anything bad and open for the talk.

  • Slow down. Make sure the movements you make with your lips are not fussy. Give your partner a chance to enjoy your beautiful smile and do it slowly.
  • Smile + eye contact. This combo produces a positive impression on anyone. Have a look in your partner’s eyes and hold it there at least for several seconds while you’re smiling.
  • Don’t force yourself. If you feel like you don’t want to share a smile with your partner, mutual chemistry and understanding might be missing.

It’s quite common for most people to share a smile with an interlocutor mechanically. You don’t put any effort into it – you smile or laugh just because you find a partner physically, intellectually, or emotionally appealing. When a person sitting at the table in front of you gives you a smile in return, he/she might be sincerely interested in you. You should also note that people who like you often copy your gesticulation, which is also an instinctive thing.

Ways to Flirt with a Girl in 2020: Dialogue Matters

The way you start a dialogue depends on your aims. Unfortunately, our plans can be ruined with excessive emotionality and unpredictable reactions of the partner. When it’s the first-time face-to-face conversation, you should be careful about your personal information and about anything concerning the personal lives of your nearest and dearest. A complete stranger on a date can be a real threat to your habitual life.

Nevertheless, being too secretive will spoil the conversation as well. A properly structured dialogue without cheesy jokes and dumb one-liner quotes will help both of you reveal the essential traits of character and understand whether you have common ground or not. So, being nice, polite, and reasonable are among the first essentials to remember. Giving prompt answers is not obligatory, but the more straightforward you are, the more trust you’ll deserve.

  • Your first exchange of phrases sets the tone of your conversation. Simply introduce yourself first as short as you can and ask for your interlocutor’s name in return. If it’s your first date and you haven’t talked before, make sure your anxiety won’t make you forget the name. Repeat it several times in your head, because there’s nothing more insulting than forgetting the name you asked about.
  • If you’re an unconventional personality, you can play a little game with your dating partner and conceal your name in the beginning. As soon as you meet in real life, ask your partner to guess your name. It’s a simple game that will make you concentrate on names and never forget it after the date’s over.
  • Be careful with the tactile issues. Too much physical interaction can be unpleasant at the start of the relationship.

Even a shy person understands that a conversation should not be forced. To avoid uncomfortable silence and awkward comments, stick to the basic topics, like:

  • Free-time activities;
  • Preferences;
  • Student years;
  • Education and profession;
  • Traveling;
  • Funny life stories.

It does not mean that you are limited to the childish discussions of routine things. The most conventional conversation starters serve as a base for some more profound discussions of your personal characteristics, emotions, and life goals.

 Be Initiative: Flirting Demands Perseverance

Being shy is cute, but being too shy can spoil the situation. You’ll have to ask questions. You’ll also have to make up a list of them before you get out for a date. Flirting is not only about the sexual appeal – it’s about making a woman get interested in you. You should demonstrate your best qualities, trying not to suppress your sexuality, while staying polite. Yeah, it sounds hard, but if you stick to the following rules, you’ll deal with it:

  • Discover your shared values and stick to them. No matter how trivial it sounds, it’s one of the best advice for the singles searching for long-lasting like-minded communication. Even if your partner is drop-dead gorgeous and ready to do anything for you, it will be a regular night-out. In the morning, you’ll find out you don’t have anything to discuss. Physical pleasure is essential, but mutual chemistry is a more exquisite thing.
  • Follow the reactions of your interlocutor. If you feel like your partner is disturbed by the conversation, don’t be pushy and simply shift the topic to something insignificant. If there’s something a woman is not willing or a man is not ready to discuss on the first date, there’s no need to make it trouble. If you manage to develop a robust mutual contact, you’ll break through, and your partner will share anything thanks to the mutual trust.

 Stick to the Most Casual Interaction while Flirting in 2020

The more you manage to ignore conversations about personal and intimate things, the better. It’s not that bad to discuss your previous relationships and experiences, but only if your interlocutor has nothing against it. Use the following tips to flirt with a girl in 2020 and not fail:

  • Avoid discussing your previous happy or unhappy relationships – the past should not have any control over your present moment;
  • Don’t argue about the questions of religion and gender issues until you find out about the background and cultural peculiarities of your partner;
  • Don’t start discussions about how much you earn and what you do for it – it’s reasonable to find out about the profession but only for a clearer idea about your partner’s mindset;
  • Never try to find out about the details of a person’s childhood unless he/she decides to share them with you – you never know whether it was a happy time or not.

You should be maximum respectful, trying not to intrude upon anyone’s past, regardless of whether it’s childhood or last month’s problems. Of course, you can discuss anything if you feel mutuality, but some memories of the past can ruin the connection at the very start. Here are the rules to follow:

  • Be lighthearted. TV shows, series, books, foods, sports, and traveling are perfect conversation starters to stay away from the complications of life;
  • Don’t be too serious. It’s just a date, and you are not obliged to get married after it. Regard your interlocutor as a potential friend and concentrate on finding common ground rather on planning something ahead. Getting a friend is also a significant achievement.

How to Flirt with a Girl in a Playful Manner

Being playful is not about being childish. It’s about behaving in a relaxed way and being open to all opinions showing no aggression and demonstrating no awkwardness in return. What are the best ways to get distracted from the tensions of life?

  • Talk about your motherland if there’s something peculiar about it and its traditions;
  • Discuss your best foods and snacks as if you were children discussing the favorite ice-cream flavors (getting to a food court for one of your first dates would be an excellent idea for it);
  • Share your impressions about the weather and discuss your most preferable climates and places where you would like to live;
  • Talk about who do you see yourself in the future – a discussion of dreams and aspirations is one of the most fruitful topics for the first live conversation.

Flirting is not meant to only charm and sexually attract a partner. It’s about making a person trust you. It’s about showing that you care about what he/she says and sharing sincere emotions. You can also demonstrate your knowledge in something, discuss your tattoos, share your impression about the latest news you’ve read on the internet, and ask about the most favorite video games.

Be careful you don’t reveal too much of your personal information concerning the financial and banking issues. It’s the same with the details of your home address and anything that can help to personify you – identity theft is still dangerous.

 Body Language Tips to Flirt with a Girl in 2020

The body tells the other people more about us than we can do it with our mouths. However, there are certain things that you should do to make sure you can use body language as a tool:

  • Wear comfy casual clothes on a date (at least if you’re not planning a visit to a luxurious restaurant). Don’t wear anything too formal or flashy, not to distract attention from your body.
  • Be careful with perfumes and deodorants – excessive smell, even if it’s a pleasant one, will weaken the concentration on your personality.
  • Make sure you look neat. Your nails and hair should be clean and properly trimmed. Some unpleasant details like dirty shoes or stains of coffee on the shirt do not really spoil the impression but make your interlocutor pay attention to them involuntarily.

Here’s what you can do to attract attention to the body language:

  • Don’t cross your arms and legs while leading a dialogue – it demonstrates your reluctance to open up for a sincere conversation;
  • Turn your torso towards your interlocutor, and don’t forget that your feet should be turned towards him/her;
  • Use touches but make sure they are just polite courtesy signs – a pat on the back, holding hands, and a touch on the forearm are acceptable.

Anything can be used as a part of body language – playing with hair strands, stroking your own knees and hands in the process of conversation, and biting lips can be helpful.

In many cases, a person starts to make uncontrollable movements with hands and legs just because he/she feels nervous, which is one of the most straightforward signs of your physical and emotional appeal.

Being flirty means being polite at the same time. It’s about showing your care and attention without breaking the barriers that shouldn’t be touched at all. You never know what your interaction turns into, and you don’t have the right to offend a person with a single thoughtless gesture.

Dating Online with Slavic Girls in 2020

Slavic Girls: Basic Tips on Dating Online in 2020

Slavic women have always been considered beautiful, and we cannot deny this fact. They are charming, know how to look better in front of people regardless of the mood, and they feel comfortable and safe when they have a decent partner by the side. So, what kind of a partner seems decent for Slavic women, and what should he do to attract one of them? The tips are already on the way.

Dating Online with Slavic Women Does Not Mean Getting Together!

Modern Russian and Ukrainian women, as well as the other Slavic women, are interested in independent living. They have nothing against sharing the household at times, but the majority of them have no intention to get together officially too early. You’ll have to wait till you get enough trust.

  • Make sure you don’t interfere with her freedom when it comes to communication with her friends and family members;
  • Don’t let yourself criticize her culture and historical values – Slavic people find it insulting when someone’s trying to say negative things about their motherland;
  • Be loyal when it comes to the way she wants to earn money – modern Slavic women search for independence in intellectual and professional matters.

We don’t want to say that Russian and Ukrainian women are too smart for you because there’s a great number of dumb representatives of the nation. Nevertheless, Slavic women have a tendency to improve themselves with every generation. They know how to adapt to challenging situations and don’t want anyone to create more trouble in their lives. If you’re looking for a clever woman from one of the Slavic countries, be prepared for a challenge – she will be gorgeous and unstoppable at the same time.

Dating Online & Safety Aspects

Being online does not mean stepping on invisible mines. You simply have to be clever not to let yourself fall victim to the scammers. The best tips for online singles are the following:

  • Use safe websites and don’t feel uncomfortable about paying for the membership – it’s normal when a company asks for payment while doing the most part of the work leading to a proper social interaction.
  • Don’t be too sincere about your family members. Don’t let anyone get in touch with your family.
  • Never boast about your financial position and income – this will only attract many indecent people ready for anything to get your financial support.

NEVER send money to anyone online. You’ll never be able to get it back in case if it’s a scammer. If anyone asks you for money on an official dating platform, get in touch with the management.

Dating Online: Be Prudent

  • Make sure the information in your online profile is correct and frank.
  • Stay away from the false expectations in your mind – make up a list of characteristics you want to see in your partner and split it twice before you interact with anyone.
  • Be prepared for unwanted situations and learn to deal with them emotionally – you’re online,and it’s not your first date. You’ll have enough chances for a more successful date in the future.

Slavic women are fond of straightforwardness. Be prepared for direct communication, and you’ll be rewarded. Stay frank but polite, charming but strict, appealing but self-contained.

Eastern European Women: Eternally Beautiful

Eastern European Women: Healthy Body, Mind & Emotions

Slavic women have always been a massive debate in the society of western men. They are definitely among the most beautiful females in the world. Somehow, nature made them especially attractive. They are also good-looking, and they try hard to preserve this beauty. A younger generation of Eastern European women sticks to natural looks, which is a slam dunk because they were born this way.

Courting Eastern European women can be troublesome if you have no idea about their way of thinking and attitude to the world in general. We’ve asked our users who have been in a relationship with Slavic women to give you a brief description of their character.

Eastern European Women Appearance

The natural beauty in Slavic women is one of the most mysterious things to discuss. Probably, the way they look is a result of a mixed origin. A vast territory of Slavic countries is full of people of different appearances. They can be dark-skinned or tanned. Their eyes can be of deep dark colors and transparent tints of blue and gray. The hair color palette is endless. Mixes of different drops of blood often result in unpredictable, but impressive things. Eastern European women:

  • Are aware of their attractive sides;
  • Know how to make themselves stand out of the crowd;
  • Demonstrate grace and shine;
  • Don’t hesitate to invest a sufficient amount of time and money in their looks;
  • Control their health and well-being.

The thing is that Slavic women are traditional. Their most common aims and life aspirations are connected with loving husbands, obedient kids, and happy parents. They understand that to get this, they have to be beautiful, smart, and healthy. That’s the reason why they pay so much attention to the way their bodies look and feel.

Eastern European Women Character

A woman from Eastern Europe understands that a man and a woman are tightly connected as partners. They are not interested in shallow relationships and aim to be surrounded by meaningful friends, lovers, and co-workers. They want to be accompanied by people who care about them even if they don’t ask for anything. One of the most incredible powers of Slavic women is their intuition. They are also mostly kind, and kindness to people is one of the most significant driving forces of humanity.

They Demonstrate Patience

The majority of people originating from Slavic countries have been through numerous historical shocks and traumas. That’s why these nations were raised to become patient and ready for anything. It’s the same with all Eastern European women. They are prepared to be sober and easygoing when something’s going wrong because they feel that excessive worries are no good.

They Have Loyalty

Their ability to be faithful and loyal to friends and partners makes them incredibly desirable for most family-oriented men.

  • They won’t make you feel awkward in public;
  • They will never argue with you in front of your parents;
  • They will support her in professional matters;
  • They will be tolerant of your friends;
  • They will be helpful in tense situations, even if you’re at odds for some reason.

First Message: Online Dating Etiquette

First Message Online Dating

There’s a list of questions and messages you can send to your potential online partner depending on the situation. Some of them will work like magic, while others will spoil your communication in the bud. We hope that this short guide of acceptable texting tactics will be of benefit.

First Message Online Dating: 5 Top Messages to Start With

Whether you deal with online Ukraine dating or a European matchmaking service, the rules of texting are the same. If you’re a newcomer, you might be wondering about what can you spoil your communication with on the very first steps of it.

It doesn’t mean that we offer the ready-made variants of what you should text your online crush. You should be unique about your thoughts and paraphrase the provided options so that they are in line with your character and your real perceptions of the world.

Go for Humor

Find a GIF picture that will potentially grab her attention and combine it with a humorous comment like:

  • OMG, does it mean we’re dating?
  • Is it about a diamond ring or we should have a bit of conversation before getting married?

Humour is one of the simplest ways to find common ground. Even if you say something wrong, you can always excuse yourself for being too stupid to make a proper joke. Assuming you’re sorry for a bad joke is polite and rational for people who still don’t know each other. Besides, it does not have anything in common with an insult. Humour (not sarcasm) is a perfect trigger for friendly communication.

Probe the Common Ground

Start your communication with one of the most common conversation topics: travelling:

  • It looks like you’re interested in travelling, right?
  • Have you been anywhere except for the place you live?
  • Are you keen on moving to new places on holidays?

In any case, you’ll pass on to a very fruitful conversation that will lead you to the mutual discussion of your priorities and interests. If your partner feels cold about travelling, she will tell you about the other things she finds attractive. This way, you’ll find out more about each other’s interests, dreams, ad strivings.

Craving Trigger

You can always start your online conversation with a message that will sound delicious and seductive at the same time. Combined with a nice sense of humour, it may lead to a lively conversation regardless of the cheesy pretext. Just be careful with what you write – insults and sexists’ jokes should be off the discussion.

Try to ask her a question with three ready-made answer options. Some of them should be decent, while some of them should stay a bit horny and obscene.

Add Personal Touch

Get a little bit more personal than ever and try to get closer with the objectives and aims of your online dating experience. There’s an adorable way to find out more about a person and make her think about her qualities:

  • Ask her about what her friends would tell about her if they were asked to comment on her qualities. It will be a very straightforward question.
  • Nevertheless, at the same time, you’ll show that you care about the opinion of her friends and relatives.

Demonstrate Your Creativity

Start a conversation with an unpredictable and strange question. Don’t forget to make sure you’re able to answer the same question back. The stranger the question will sound, the more chances she’ll ask you about the same thing in return.

Modern Dating: Offline vs. Online

Today, single people have an array of opportunities at their disposal. Search for a soulmate online using apps, sites, forums or social networks. Alternatively, try the old-school way of dating. Your grandparents probably met each other before the digital age, and they might have done so through mutual connections. Despite the ubiquity of the internet, humans may still meet their future spouses in the street. So, which of the methods should you opt for? Here are the pros and cons of each.

The Pros Of Offline Dating

  1. You have no concerns about the accuracy of profile information and photos, as the person is right there in front of you.
  2. You may determine the presence of chemistry sooner, as you can read their body language or simply ask.
  3. You may have mutual friends who will make you more feel more comfortable when you meet.
  4. If you decide to date in groups, you may develop new friendships in the process.
  5. You may ask others for some background information about the person before you approach them.

Cons of Offline Dating

  1. You may be unsure of the person’s relationship status unless others tell you or act as matchmakers.
  2. You may be unsure if they have any romantic interest in you.
  3. Your choice is limited by your social circles and activities. Overall, you meet fewer people.
  4. Your choice is limited geographically unless you meet people coming for special occasions.
  5. Singles may feel awkward making an invitation to a date.

Pros of Online Dating

  1. Social media, dating sites, and apps instantly connect you to millions of single people.
  2. There are plenty of real success stories. On average, every fifth relationship starts online.
  3. You can easily reach people outside your area or social circle. Along the way,  you will discover what you are truly seeking in a relationship.
  4. Specialized sites may use various tools to suggest potential matches.
  5. Online dating tools are efficient and available 24/7.

Cons of Online Dating

  1. It can grow tiring, given the sheer number of people online. Sometimes it feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  2. You cannot take anything on faith. On the internet, people lie about their appearance, income, and, unfortunately, marital status. This may get frustrating.
  3. Like Facebook, these sites and apps may be addictive and make you hooked on constant swiping.
  4. Many people are nit-picky, restricting their search to a certain height or zip code.
  5. Without proper organization, the process may feel like a full-time job.

Overall, both options have their benefits. If you are pushed for time or feel uncomfortable chatting up strangers in bars, online dating is preferable. Here, your choice is restricted neither socially nor geographically. Who knows, maybe your soulmate lives on another continent! It is estimated that at least 40 million singles in the U.S.A. have tried it, and these numbers are only growing. You may personally know couples who have met online and can share their success stories.

When Marriage Agencies Are Better Than Dating Sites

In the pre-internet era, humans met soulmates through their social circle or matchmakers. Nowadays, the choice seems infinite. You may connect to millions of people using social media and dating apps. No longer are you restricted to one geographic area, and you can swipe through countless candidates while on the go. After all, our hectic pace of life leaves no time for offline dating. And why approach strangers when you can instantly reach millions of singles using an app?

However, is it the most effective tool for family-oriented people? It may be a path to meaningful interactions, but there is a better way for individuals looking for a spouse. This may sound old-fashioned to millennials, but matchmakers still exist. They have reinvented themselves and now render services online. Why is a marriage agency more reliable than a dating app?

Disadvantages Of Dating Apps

With online tools, the choice seems endless. However, there are also spammers, scammers and people in search of extramarital affairs. You cannot be sure that the user you contact is not merely looking for a fling.

Unfortunately, people lie and fabricate all kinds of details. This is why your first date may be a disaster. Unfaithful spouses use dating apps to find partners and often pretend to be single. Such encounters breed general distrust, and the search will get exhausting over time.

Secondly, there is the harmful psychological effect of swiping. Modern society is so obsessed with good looks that we discard a candidate based on a single photo. In addition, attractive pictures may be heavily airbrushed. Imagine going on a date with someone only to discover that they do not resemble their profile photo! Too often high expectations are unmet.

It is disappointing when all you do is catch people in a lie. Of course, some dating sites apply matching criteria based on questionnaires or tests, but the accuracy of people’s answers is unverifiable. This is especially upsetting when you need to pay for such services.

Why Marriage Agencies Are Better

Matchmaking is not a relic of the past. In fact, it is a wiser method if you are dreaming of a family. When paying for marriage agency services, you have higher chances of getting your money’s worth. For a start, as the name suggests, these firms are marriage-focused, and their services are tailored to people who seek serious relationships. This means a more thorough approach to matchmaking. Such agencies will ask to you fill in detailed questionnaires to define your matching criteria and psychological profile. With a marriage agency today, the typical procedure looks like this:

  1. completing a questionnaire(s);
  2. reviewing the received matches;
  3. establishing contact by email;
  4. speaking by phone;
  5. meeting in person.

Candidates are matched based on a wide array of psychological traits, as well as hobbies, tastes, values, race, religion, etc. Of course, some users may still stretch the truth, but overall the screening is reliable. Most importantly, you can be sure that your matches are all looking for marital bliss, just like you. Overall, marriage agencies are your safest bet if you are longing for truly serious human connection.

How to Distinguish between Truth and Fiction on Dating Websites?

In the modern world, online acquaintances have become as commonplace as going out with a friend to grab a cup of coffee. Some people visit online dating website here to find a lifetime partner. On the contrary, many people are seeking communication which they lack in real life. Despite the motives, everyone wants the truth to be told.

How to Reveal an Online Liar?

  1. The first thing to pay attention to is a profile picture as well as all the uploaded photos. If the quality is too poor, or a person is shot on the background of a luxury car, or they are obviously photoshopped too much, this is a red flag. The pictures on dating websites are showing the life of a person. Redundant photoshop or luxury prove that the person is trying to hide behind these photos. Do not even consider profiles without pictures.
  2. Another important feature is a profile itself. If there is too little of information, it is likely that the person is lying or hiding something. It is an acknowledged fact that liars tend to speak less.
  3. Considering the previous feature, pay attention to the communication itself:
  • A cheater writes shorter sentences;
  • The provided personal and other information is scarce;
  • A liar does not use personal pronouns; the more passive voice and collective pronouns, the more doubts you should have;
  • There are many constructions and phrases with negation;
  • Statistically, liars do not use the words related to food and nutrition.
  1. Pay particular attention to the subjects of your communications. If your online interlocutor is focused on work topics, for example, it means that he/she is not eager to talk about anything else. Thus, there is something which is concealed.

Additional Tips:

  • Suggest a video chat. If there is nothing to hide, your online date will agree. First of all, the doubts regarding the looks will be eliminated. Besides, it is way harder to lie in the face than in emails or chats. Pay attention to eye contact during a video chat.
  • Google the name of the date you are communicating online with. Sometimes, information on the web may help to reveal the truth. However, it may not help if a cheater is professional. Such people effectively cover the traces up.

Online acquaintances and communications are easy and convenient. Despite the risk to meet a cheater, this is a fascinating experience and a real opportunity to meet your soulmate to build the future with. To reduce the risk to be swindled and broken-hearted, take your time to choose a reliable dating website. In addition, at the beginning of an online communication, be attentive and slightly suspicious, read carefully the profile information, check pictures. Caution is a must today, though, do not refuse from your chance to meet online your partner-to-be.

Why You Must Approach Attractive Girls

As a man, you may feel insecure about chatting up strangers. The idea of approaching a beautiful girl may seem daunting, but passivity will get you nowhere. There are several excuses often used to justify inaction. However, they are easily exposed as misconceptions. Here is the list of most common thoughts that may rush through your head in the presence of a beautiful lady.

  1. “She is probably taken”

It is wrong to assume that any stunning woman must be in a relationship. In fact, such thinking often explains the paradox of the beautiful but lonely. There is nothing shameful in asking a playful question – for example, about the number of her current boyfriends. You may be pleasantly surprised! This lady may be new in town. Maybe she doesn’t get out much because of a hectic job. Maybe she has recently ended a relationship and is looking for a fresh start.

  1. “She’s out of my league”

Confidence is vital for attracting the opposite sex. It is a trait anybody can develop, so such statements are complete nonsense. Use a simple psychological trick. Ask yourself “Why do beautiful girls adore me?” Your subconsciousness will start looking for relevant reasons. Gradually, the belief in your charisma will become embedded in your mind. The more confident you feel, the more attractive you are to women.

Judgment Reasons

You are likely to regret the things you haven’t done, rather than those you have tried. Do not let any preconceived notions cloud your judgement. Here are ten reasons why your thinking must change.

  1. Approaching builds confidence;
  2. Once you master the art of approaching, it will feel incredibly gratifying;
  3. Even today, women still expect men to strike up conversations;
  4. Practice makes perfect; the more you try, the better you get. Take every opportunity to improve your abilities;
  5. What if you meet your soulmate, but feel too scared to talk? You may be missing on the biggest opportunity in your life;
  6. Even the most stunning woman in the room may be single. You will never learn unless you ask;
  7. Attractive women may feel as bored as everyone else;
  8. Attractive women may be longing for a personal connection that other men never give them;
  9. Rejection is not a disaster; it helps to identify your weak spots and work on them;
  10. Rejection feels good if you know it took courage to approach the woman.

Overall, confidence and unfaltering belief in your own attractiveness will make you much more charming. Of course, approaching women may feel awkward at first, but it gets easier. With time, you will start enjoying the process. Like hunting, it speaks to a man’s primal self.

Even failures may feel good – after all, you have made a conscious effort to transcend your comfort zone. Thus, be proactive and willing to hone your skills. Remember, women value gentlemen who take the initiative. Besides, charisma and assertiveness are often more important than physical attractiveness.

Shall a Girl “Take the Bull by the Horns” and be Initiative?

Nowadays, no one is surprised by a woman earning a lot of money, driving a car, running a business, ruling a country, etc. Since almost two centuries, in most countries, women have received equal rights with the men. Thus, a lot has changed in their raising, education, and lives.

What has changed for men? Besides the necessity to recognize those rights, nothing else has changed. A man is still a “predator who likes the chase”. Yes, many roles are now shared between men and women. If the latter ones share the same role in dating, will it improve the love life?

Why Will a Woman Think of the First Step?

  1. In a long-term relationship, a man is not moving forward, i.e., is not proposing to her. Civil marriage is not what most of the girls want. So, she may decide the raise the question of a wedding. Will they get married?
  2. A woman likes a man and want to get acquainted and decides to come up to him and to start the conversation leaving him her phone number. Will he call her?

Taking into account that all the men enjoy the chase in their lives. That is why, a man is motivated to get a better job, buy a new car, win the heart and marry the girl he is so much in love with. When a woman makes the first step, she deprives him of this winning feeling. At the very beginning, the idea may work out, however, will the result last for a long time?

In the first case, a woman shall better be honest to herself. If he wanted to get married, why wouldn’t he? The same rule is applicable to many situations: when a man likes a girl, he will call her, he will ask her out and find the time for her. Probably, he would agree if she suggests marriage, however, he will feel that he “is a wife”. Doubtfully, it is going to be a happy marriage.

In the second case, a man may treat a girl who comes to get acquainted as an easy-going. Definitely, this is not the aim. Psychologists remind that men are not ready to yield all the rights to women. The latter ones may act indirectly making hints, asking questions in a friendly and light manner. It is recommended that girls slightly push men, though, do not insist. A man shall have the feeling that he is the one making moves and winning the girl he likes.

There are exceptional cases which may demonstrate the opposite outcomes. However, exceptions are usually proving the rules. Thus, in love women shall not be straightforward. The first move shall be better made by men. Who will think how he has decided to make it – himself or due to her hints.