The best hot curvy women around the world

The best hot curvy women around the world

Appetizing curvy ladies are the most beautiful! Back then we admired only skinny girls that led to such problems as anorexia and eating disorders. Doctors from many countries were really worried about this popularity. Anorexia decreased even the birth rate. It’s understandable because it’s hard for a skinny woman to bear a healthy child.

The fashion industry has abused this «ideal» for many years. Even now some men believe that only slim ladies can be called beautiful. Despite this fact, today many people reconsider their views about curvy hot women. More and more men find them sexy and attractive. Jennifer Lopez will prove that busty girls can be amazing! Most of these women have big hips and breasts, at the same time their waist is feminine and narrow.

Researches show that thin girls attract mostly young and immature boys. Older men with mature minds prefer women with feminine forms. An appetizing shape gives more possibility that a woman can get pregnant and will give a healthy baby without any problem. So, the size of clothes doesn’t matter for men when they want to meet a girl for serious relationships. They value personality, intelligence and good manners.

We will prove you that plus size models win men’s hearts around the world and that being curvy will help you in your personal life!

Hot curvy girls and their beauty

Male preferences are mostly unconscious. They don’t refer only to the body shape. Most of men love all picture in general. Besides, a healthy woman has to have some percentage of fat to give birth. When the fat percentage is low, menstruations become irregular which leads to the problems in the reproductive system. Unconsciously men look for a woman who looks healthy and strong for pregnancy. For example, in Africa a woman is called beautiful only if she has the wide hips. We don’t mean the saggy shape. All lines of the body should be smooth and seductive. We will tell you about some curious facts related to curvy girls.

  • The epitome of femininity. Thin waist and wide hips are associated with femininity in more than 18 countries. This difference between the waist and the hips looks more attractive than the big breasts.
  • Rounded hips will help a woman to have a baby. This area contains a lot of fat that is necessary for burning energy during giving birth and breastfeeding.
  • Women with rounded shapes are sexier. It’s important for a man that a woman should like her body, she shouldn’t be shy of it during sex. Sexuality is not only about the skinny shape, it’s about confidence.
  • Women with 5-6 extra kilos can boast about stronger libido than perfectly slim girls. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the golden mean. Obesity looks unattractive and will lead to numerous health problems.
  • These girls like to emphasize their advantages. If a girl has the rounded hips, she will underline them with sexy lingerie and tight clothes. These people aren’t insecure nor timid. They are ready to show you how magnificent their body are! Over age, curvy women realize that they don’t need to be ashamed of their bodies.
  • Plus-size models are popular again. Self-love is a new trend of our life. Appetizing women love and respect their bodies, that’s why men also admire them. Confidence and charm make these women attractive for the opposite sex.

The hottest curvy models in the world

It’s a well-known fact that men fall in love with the help of their eyes, but at the same time they pay attention not only to the appearance but also to other features. They want to feel calm and comfortable near their partner. They want to be loved.

Times when models are selected by certain strict parameters are in the past. Now plus-size girls conquer podiums! We are going to introduce you to the hottest and well-recognized plus-size models who will surprise you with their style and charm.

Markita Pring

This woman works for IMG which is one of the most respected and popular model agencies in the world. Markita entered the industry when she turned 15. Now she has a lot of achievements in her bio including collaborations with famous designers. She participated in Levi’s campaign and advertising of other popular brands. You could see her on the pages of Vogue Italia. Every day she proves a lot of men that skinny models aren’t popular anymore!

Denis Bido

She was born in Miami, the place where people admire perfect bodies. Despite this fact, she managed to become popular unlike her slim friends. When she was 18, she had to give up her dream of being actress (she needed to lose several kilos for it). This decision brought her into the fashion world. So far she has participated in the campaigns for Lane Bryant, Lilly Pulitzer and Forever 21 but we believe that it’s the beginning only.

The model states that she felt a huge responsibility when she talked with her daughter about how it’s important to be yourself. She believes her profession will help to tell people how beautiful they are and that they can achieve whatever they want.

Filomena Kwao

She was invited to the fashion industry by her friend. Due to it, she was noticed immediately and she received a lot of attractive work contracts. You could see her on the pages of Beach Sports Illustrated magazine and in some advertising campaigns. So far we don’t have a lot black plus-size models, so Filomena looks original and attractive indeed!

She says that if she put on bikini, the sky won’t fall down and she will be beautiful and sexy regardless of the clothes she wears.

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma moved to Los Angeles and her life turned upside down. Initially she arrived in the city for studying psychology. In a while Pat McGrath who is a popular make-up professional, noticed her and her model career started. She participated in Fenty x Puma and Fenty Beauty campaigns.

She says sadly that there are enough colorful girls in the model business, but you can barely find enough models of different sizes.

Liris Crosse

This model participated in Project Runway show and she managed to win as a hot curvy model! She became popular after the catwalk at New York Fashion Week and publication in the Marie Claire.

Crosse says that society makes fat people be invisible and it’s a sad thing.

Candice Huffine

She managed to become the beauty queen and to find popularity thanks to numerous publications in the magazines. Her career started at 16. You could find her in Vogue USA, Harper’s Bazaar and in other well-known female magazines. Huffine had time to work with the designer Prabal Gurung. Shooting for Pirelli calendar is one of the biggest successes in her life.

She believes that we should debunk all stereotypes about a human body and its beauty standards.

Georgia Pratt

This model was born in New Zealand. She got the degree in clothes design, after that she started studying model business. First time the girl tried herself in modeling under the influence of her close person. He offered her to participate in the advertising for an indie brand. Now she has shootings for Elle and other modern magazines.

The girl says that it’s very nice she can wear fashioned clothes of her size, because many brands don’t sew clothes for her body shape and sometimes she had to wear something too small for her.

Sabina Karlsson

This girl tried herself in this business when she turned 14, she was noticed by a scout in a hairdressing salon. After that Sabina decided to connect her life with modeling. Now she works regularly for H&M and Levi’s as a plus-size model.

Sabina hopes that designers will start expanding their collaboration with curvy girls and women with different colors, she says that flexibility is a good sign in modeling.

Alessandra Garcia-Lorido

This model managed to collaborate with IMG which is the most well-known agency. She was born in the family of Andy Garcia. Under the influence of her father she moved to New York for studying cinematography but her life has changed and she became a model. Now she works for Christian Siriano, H&M, also she was noticed in numerous ad campaigns.

The model says that variety is a good thing for modeling but sometimes it’s getting exhausting because the constant judgment.

Iskra Lawrence

This hot curvy woman wanted to be a swimmer, but eventually she became a talented model. Her career started when she was 13. Her mother offered her to participate in Elle Girl contest. Unfortunately, she signed a very strict contract. Her waist should be 86 cm while in reality it was 91 cm. The agents told her that her hips are too fat for modeling every time they met. Eventually, Iskra stopped working in this agency and proved that her hips are the best hips in the world. She collaborated with the lingerie company Adore Me and she agreed to be shot without using Photoshop. She worked with Chromat, L’Oreal and other popular brands.

The model says that it took a lot of time for her to understand she is a normal girl with the attractive body shape.

Beauty is very personal and tastes are different. Some men love 90-60-90 body shapes, other men adore extremely thin women and many of them can’t resist hot curvy girls. Now people aren’t afraid of being themselves anymore, that’s why the cult of women with big shapes is getting more and more popular. If a girl eats properly and regularly and goes to the gym, she will look smooth and attractive, she won’t suffer from obesity and cardiac diseases.

A lot of men prefer to touch and to squeeze a juicy and soft body than a pumped-up artificial buttocks. Some of people find a woman who follows a diet obsessive. It’s really nice and exciting when you both eat something delicious at night! Girls don’t need to deprive themselves this pleasure. If we put jokes aside, we will conclude that an appetizing curvy girl can inspire a man and assure him that she will be a great and healthy mother for his children. Plump breasts and wide hips are the sign that a woman will bear a child and can take care of them. We don’t mean a lot of extra weight and obesity. But a couple of extra kilos don’t make a woman less attractive for the opposite sex, on the contrary, it makes men admire you!

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