Tips on How To Flirt With A Girl

Ways to Flirt with a Girl in 2020: How to Be Extra Friendly

When you feel like you’re sexually and emotionally attracted to someone, you start demonstrating the little signs of attention, showing that you’re willing to be more than just a friend. These are playful gestures, compliments, and thought-provoking conversations. The signs of a flirting person are clearly seen. If you’re an attentive person who has already been through this, you might have noticed that most people demonstrate their sexual and psychological appeal by:

  • Open-palm gestures;
  • Expressive behavior;
  • Touching themselves in the process of conversation;
  • Gazing at you;
  • Playing with clothes.

The number of non-verbal signs is incredible, and, in most cases, people don’t even realize that they start flirting with you. It’s a natural reaction to an appealing person. Slavic women are real pros when it comes to flirting. But what about you? If you’ve already googled for “online dating Ukraine” and crave one of these gorgeous ladies, you’ll have to improve your skills.

 How to Flirt with a Girl? Start with the Eye Contact

Yeah, it’s one of the nerve-wracking moments. Looking at each other in the eyes and constantly sustaining eye contact might seem tricky. Nevertheless, you should understand that it’s no harder than to lead a regular conversation with a friend. Besides, if you feel like the woman is interested in you, she will appreciate your courage and the interest in your eyes.

  • Looking at each other in the eyes is the essential step of flirting. It’s like breaking the ice in the company of strangers. The sooner you’ll learn that looking in the eyes simplifies the communication and adds up emotionality, the better.
  • Let the woman catch you looking at her. It will make her understand you are interested in her but too shy to speak out about it. It’s so cute in the eyes of a woman of any age. Smile to deal with the awkwardness of the moment to look even more adorable.
  • Eyebrows can say more than you might think. Using your eyebrows for the expression of surprise is very emphatic.
  • Looking from under the lashes is appealing. It’s a very enigmatic way of demonstrating that you’re interested in a meaningful conversation.

 More Tips to Flirt with a Girl: Use Your Lips & Mouth

IF you are not ready to start with the eyes, your lips can act as a nice tool for showing that you care. Lips are not solely for smiling and kissing. However, a meaningful smile at the start of a conversation will let your interlocutor understand that you don’t mean anything bad and open for the talk.

  • Slow down. Make sure the movements you make with your lips are not fussy. Give your partner a chance to enjoy your beautiful smile and do it slowly.
  • Smile + eye contact. This combo produces a positive impression on anyone. Have a look in your partner’s eyes and hold it there at least for several seconds while you’re smiling.
  • Don’t force yourself. If you feel like you don’t want to share a smile with your partner, mutual chemistry and understanding might be missing.

It’s quite common for most people to share a smile with an interlocutor mechanically. You don’t put any effort into it – you smile or laugh just because you find a partner physically, intellectually, or emotionally appealing. When a person sitting at the table in front of you gives you a smile in return, he/she might be sincerely interested in you. You should also note that people who like you often copy your gesticulation, which is also an instinctive thing.

Ways to Flirt with a Girl in 2020: Dialogue Matters

The way you start a dialogue depends on your aims. Unfortunately, our plans can be ruined with excessive emotionality and unpredictable reactions of the partner. When it’s the first-time face-to-face conversation, you should be careful about your personal information and about anything concerning the personal lives of your nearest and dearest. A complete stranger on a date can be a real threat to your habitual life.

Nevertheless, being too secretive will spoil the conversation as well. A properly structured dialogue without cheesy jokes and dumb one-liner quotes will help both of you reveal the essential traits of character and understand whether you have common ground or not. So, being nice, polite, and reasonable are among the first essentials to remember. Giving prompt answers is not obligatory, but the more straightforward you are, the more trust you’ll deserve.

  • Your first exchange of phrases sets the tone of your conversation. Simply introduce yourself first as short as you can and ask for your interlocutor’s name in return. If it’s your first date and you haven’t talked before, make sure your anxiety won’t make you forget the name. Repeat it several times in your head, because there’s nothing more insulting than forgetting the name you asked about.
  • If you’re an unconventional personality, you can play a little game with your dating partner and conceal your name in the beginning. As soon as you meet in real life, ask your partner to guess your name. It’s a simple game that will make you concentrate on names and never forget it after the date’s over.
  • Be careful with the tactile issues. Too much physical interaction can be unpleasant at the start of the relationship.

Even a shy person understands that a conversation should not be forced. To avoid uncomfortable silence and awkward comments, stick to the basic topics, like:

  • Free-time activities;
  • Preferences;
  • Student years;
  • Education and profession;
  • Traveling;
  • Funny life stories.

It does not mean that you are limited to the childish discussions of routine things. The most conventional conversation starters serve as a base for some more profound discussions of your personal characteristics, emotions, and life goals.

 Be Initiative: Flirting Demands Perseverance

Being shy is cute, but being too shy can spoil the situation. You’ll have to ask questions. You’ll also have to make up a list of them before you get out for a date. Flirting is not only about the sexual appeal – it’s about making a woman get interested in you. You should demonstrate your best qualities, trying not to suppress your sexuality, while staying polite. Yeah, it sounds hard, but if you stick to the following rules, you’ll deal with it:

  • Discover your shared values and stick to them. No matter how trivial it sounds, it’s one of the best advice for the singles searching for long-lasting like-minded communication. Even if your partner is drop-dead gorgeous and ready to do anything for you, it will be a regular night-out. In the morning, you’ll find out you don’t have anything to discuss. Physical pleasure is essential, but mutual chemistry is a more exquisite thing.
  • Follow the reactions of your interlocutor. If you feel like your partner is disturbed by the conversation, don’t be pushy and simply shift the topic to something insignificant. If there’s something a woman is not willing or a man is not ready to discuss on the first date, there’s no need to make it trouble. If you manage to develop a robust mutual contact, you’ll break through, and your partner will share anything thanks to the mutual trust.

 Stick to the Most Casual Interaction while Flirting in 2020

The more you manage to ignore conversations about personal and intimate things, the better. It’s not that bad to discuss your previous relationships and experiences, but only if your interlocutor has nothing against it. Use the following tips to flirt with a girl in 2020 and not fail:

  • Avoid discussing your previous happy or unhappy relationships – the past should not have any control over your present moment;
  • Don’t argue about the questions of religion and gender issues until you find out about the background and cultural peculiarities of your partner;
  • Don’t start discussions about how much you earn and what you do for it – it’s reasonable to find out about the profession but only for a clearer idea about your partner’s mindset;
  • Never try to find out about the details of a person’s childhood unless he/she decides to share them with you – you never know whether it was a happy time or not.

You should be maximum respectful, trying not to intrude upon anyone’s past, regardless of whether it’s childhood or last month’s problems. Of course, you can discuss anything if you feel mutuality, but some memories of the past can ruin the connection at the very start. Here are the rules to follow:

  • Be lighthearted. TV shows, series, books, foods, sports, and traveling are perfect conversation starters to stay away from the complications of life;
  • Don’t be too serious. It’s just a date, and you are not obliged to get married after it. Regard your interlocutor as a potential friend and concentrate on finding common ground rather on planning something ahead. Getting a friend is also a significant achievement.

How to Flirt with a Girl in a Playful Manner

Being playful is not about being childish. It’s about behaving in a relaxed way and being open to all opinions showing no aggression and demonstrating no awkwardness in return. What are the best ways to get distracted from the tensions of life?

  • Talk about your motherland if there’s something peculiar about it and its traditions;
  • Discuss your best foods and snacks as if you were children discussing the favorite ice-cream flavors (getting to a food court for one of your first dates would be an excellent idea for it);
  • Share your impressions about the weather and discuss your most preferable climates and places where you would like to live;
  • Talk about who do you see yourself in the future – a discussion of dreams and aspirations is one of the most fruitful topics for the first live conversation.

Flirting is not meant to only charm and sexually attract a partner. It’s about making a person trust you. It’s about showing that you care about what he/she says and sharing sincere emotions. You can also demonstrate your knowledge in something, discuss your tattoos, share your impression about the latest news you’ve read on the internet, and ask about the most favorite video games.

Be careful you don’t reveal too much of your personal information concerning the financial and banking issues. It’s the same with the details of your home address and anything that can help to personify you – identity theft is still dangerous.

 Body Language Tips to Flirt with a Girl in 2020

The body tells the other people more about us than we can do it with our mouths. However, there are certain things that you should do to make sure you can use body language as a tool:

  • Wear comfy casual clothes on a date (at least if you’re not planning a visit to a luxurious restaurant). Don’t wear anything too formal or flashy, not to distract attention from your body.
  • Be careful with perfumes and deodorants – excessive smell, even if it’s a pleasant one, will weaken the concentration on your personality.
  • Make sure you look neat. Your nails and hair should be clean and properly trimmed. Some unpleasant details like dirty shoes or stains of coffee on the shirt do not really spoil the impression but make your interlocutor pay attention to them involuntarily.

Here’s what you can do to attract attention to the body language:

  • Don’t cross your arms and legs while leading a dialogue – it demonstrates your reluctance to open up for a sincere conversation;
  • Turn your torso towards your interlocutor, and don’t forget that your feet should be turned towards him/her;
  • Use touches but make sure they are just polite courtesy signs – a pat on the back, holding hands, and a touch on the forearm are acceptable.

Anything can be used as a part of body language – playing with hair strands, stroking your own knees and hands in the process of conversation, and biting lips can be helpful.

In many cases, a person starts to make uncontrollable movements with hands and legs just because he/she feels nervous, which is one of the most straightforward signs of your physical and emotional appeal.

Being flirty means being polite at the same time. It’s about showing your care and attention without breaking the barriers that shouldn’t be touched at all. You never know what your interaction turns into, and you don’t have the right to offend a person with a single thoughtless gesture.

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