First Message: Online Dating Etiquette

First Message Online Dating

There’s a list of questions and messages you can send to your potential online partner depending on the situation. Some of them will work like magic, while others will spoil your communication in the bud. We hope that this short guide of acceptable texting tactics will be of benefit.

First Message Online Dating: 5 Top Messages to Start With

Whether you deal with online Ukraine dating or a European matchmaking service, the rules of texting are the same. If you’re a newcomer, you might be wondering about what can you spoil your communication with on the very first steps of it.

It doesn’t mean that we offer the ready-made variants of what you should text your online crush. You should be unique about your thoughts and paraphrase the provided options so that they are in line with your character and your real perceptions of the world.

Go for Humor

Find a GIF picture that will potentially grab her attention and combine it with a humorous comment like:

  • OMG, does it mean we’re dating?
  • Is it about a diamond ring or we should have a bit of conversation before getting married?

Humour is one of the simplest ways to find common ground. Even if you say something wrong, you can always excuse yourself for being too stupid to make a proper joke. Assuming you’re sorry for a bad joke is polite and rational for people who still don’t know each other. Besides, it does not have anything in common with an insult. Humour (not sarcasm) is a perfect trigger for friendly communication.

Probe the Common Ground

Start your communication with one of the most common conversation topics: travelling:

  • It looks like you’re interested in travelling, right?
  • Have you been anywhere except for the place you live?
  • Are you keen on moving to new places on holidays?

In any case, you’ll pass on to a very fruitful conversation that will lead you to the mutual discussion of your priorities and interests. If your partner feels cold about travelling, she will tell you about the other things she finds attractive. This way, you’ll find out more about each other’s interests, dreams, ad strivings.

Craving Trigger

You can always start your online conversation with a message that will sound delicious and seductive at the same time. Combined with a nice sense of humour, it may lead to a lively conversation regardless of the cheesy pretext. Just be careful with what you write – insults and sexists’ jokes should be off the discussion.

Try to ask her a question with three ready-made answer options. Some of them should be decent, while some of them should stay a bit horny and obscene.

Add Personal Touch

Get a little bit more personal than ever and try to get closer with the objectives and aims of your online dating experience. There’s an adorable way to find out more about a person and make her think about her qualities:

  • Ask her about what her friends would tell about her if they were asked to comment on her qualities. It will be a very straightforward question.
  • Nevertheless, at the same time, you’ll show that you care about the opinion of her friends and relatives.

Demonstrate Your Creativity

Start a conversation with an unpredictable and strange question. Don’t forget to make sure you’re able to answer the same question back. The stranger the question will sound, the more chances she’ll ask you about the same thing in return.

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