When Marriage Agencies Are Better Than Dating Sites

In the pre-internet era, humans met soulmates through their social circle or matchmakers. Nowadays, the choice seems infinite. You may connect to millions of people using social media and dating apps. No longer are you restricted to one geographic area, and you can swipe through countless candidates while on the go. After all, our hectic pace of life leaves no time for offline dating. And why approach strangers when you can instantly reach millions of singles using an app?

However, is it the most effective tool for family-oriented people? It may be a path to meaningful interactions, but there is a better way for individuals looking for a spouse. This may sound old-fashioned to millennials, but matchmakers still exist. They have reinvented themselves and now render services online. Why is a marriage agency more reliable than a dating app?

Disadvantages Of Dating Apps

With online tools, the choice seems endless. However, there are also spammers, scammers and people in search of extramarital affairs. You cannot be sure that the user you contact is not merely looking for a fling.

Unfortunately, people lie and fabricate all kinds of details. This is why your first date may be a disaster. Unfaithful spouses use dating apps to find partners and often pretend to be single. Such encounters breed general distrust, and the search will get exhausting over time.

Secondly, there is the harmful psychological effect of swiping. Modern society is so obsessed with good looks that we discard a candidate based on a single photo. In addition, attractive pictures may be heavily airbrushed. Imagine going on a date with someone only to discover that they do not resemble their profile photo! Too often high expectations are unmet.

It is disappointing when all you do is catch people in a lie. Of course, some dating sites apply matching criteria based on questionnaires or tests, but the accuracy of people’s answers is unverifiable. This is especially upsetting when you need to pay for such services.

Why Marriage Agencies Are Better

Matchmaking is not a relic of the past. In fact, it is a wiser method if you are dreaming of a family. When paying for marriage agency services, you have higher chances of getting your money’s worth. For a start, as the name suggests, these firms are marriage-focused, and their services are tailored to people who seek serious relationships. This means a more thorough approach to matchmaking. Such agencies will ask to you fill in detailed questionnaires to define your matching criteria and psychological profile. With a marriage agency today, the typical procedure looks like this:

  1. completing a questionnaire(s);
  2. reviewing the received matches;
  3. establishing contact by email;
  4. speaking by phone;
  5. meeting in person.

Candidates are matched based on a wide array of psychological traits, as well as hobbies, tastes, values, race, religion, etc. Of course, some users may still stretch the truth, but overall the screening is reliable. Most importantly, you can be sure that your matches are all looking for marital bliss, just like you. Overall, marriage agencies are your safest bet if you are longing for truly serious human connection.

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