How to Distinguish between Truth and Fiction on Dating Websites?

In the modern world, online acquaintances have become as commonplace as going out with a friend to grab a cup of coffee. Some people visit online dating website here to find a lifetime partner. On the contrary, many people are seeking communication which they lack in real life. Despite the motives, everyone wants the truth to be told.

How to Reveal an Online Liar?

  1. The first thing to pay attention to is a profile picture as well as all the uploaded photos. If the quality is too poor, or a person is shot on the background of a luxury car, or they are obviously photoshopped too much, this is a red flag. The pictures on dating websites are showing the life of a person. Redundant photoshop or luxury prove that the person is trying to hide behind these photos. Do not even consider profiles without pictures.
  2. Another important feature is a profile itself. If there is too little of information, it is likely that the person is lying or hiding something. It is an acknowledged fact that liars tend to speak less.
  3. Considering the previous feature, pay attention to the communication itself:
  • A cheater writes shorter sentences;
  • The provided personal and other information is scarce;
  • A liar does not use personal pronouns; the more passive voice and collective pronouns, the more doubts you should have;
  • There are many constructions and phrases with negation;
  • Statistically, liars do not use the words related to food and nutrition.
  1. Pay particular attention to the subjects of your communications. If your online interlocutor is focused on work topics, for example, it means that he/she is not eager to talk about anything else. Thus, there is something which is concealed.

Additional Tips:

  • Suggest a video chat. If there is nothing to hide, your online date will agree. First of all, the doubts regarding the looks will be eliminated. Besides, it is way harder to lie in the face than in emails or chats. Pay attention to eye contact during a video chat.
  • Google the name of the date you are communicating online with. Sometimes, information on the web may help to reveal the truth. However, it may not help if a cheater is professional. Such people effectively cover the traces up.

Online acquaintances and communications are easy and convenient. Despite the risk to meet a cheater, this is a fascinating experience and a real opportunity to meet your soulmate to build the future with. To reduce the risk to be swindled and broken-hearted, take your time to choose a reliable dating website. In addition, at the beginning of an online communication, be attentive and slightly suspicious, read carefully the profile information, check pictures. Caution is a must today, though, do not refuse from your chance to meet online your partner-to-be.

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