Shall a Girl “Take the Bull by the Horns” and be Initiative?

Nowadays, no one is surprised by a woman earning a lot of money, driving a car, running a business, ruling a country, etc. Since almost two centuries, in most countries, women have received equal rights with the men. Thus, a lot has changed in their raising, education, and lives.

What has changed for men? Besides the necessity to recognize those rights, nothing else has changed. A man is still a “predator who likes the chase”. Yes, many roles are now shared between men and women. If the latter ones share the same role in dating, will it improve the love life?

Why Will a Woman Think of the First Step?

  1. In a long-term relationship, a man is not moving forward, i.e., is not proposing to her. Civil marriage is not what most of the girls want. So, she may decide the raise the question of a wedding. Will they get married?
  2. A woman likes a man and want to get acquainted and decides to come up to him and to start the conversation leaving him her phone number. Will he call her?

Taking into account that all the men enjoy the chase in their lives. That is why, a man is motivated to get a better job, buy a new car, win the heart and marry the girl he is so much in love with. When a woman makes the first step, she deprives him of this winning feeling. At the very beginning, the idea may work out, however, will the result last for a long time?

In the first case, a woman shall better be honest to herself. If he wanted to get married, why wouldn’t he? The same rule is applicable to many situations: when a man likes a girl, he will call her, he will ask her out and find the time for her. Probably, he would agree if she suggests marriage, however, he will feel that he “is a wife”. Doubtfully, it is going to be a happy marriage.

In the second case, a man may treat a girl who comes to get acquainted as an easy-going. Definitely, this is not the aim. Psychologists remind that men are not ready to yield all the rights to women. The latter ones may act indirectly making hints, asking questions in a friendly and light manner. It is recommended that girls slightly push men, though, do not insist. A man shall have the feeling that he is the one making moves and winning the girl he likes.

There are exceptional cases which may demonstrate the opposite outcomes. However, exceptions are usually proving the rules. Thus, in love women shall not be straightforward. The first move shall be better made by men. Who will think how he has decided to make it – himself or due to her hints.

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